Remix Your Cravings with the New KFC Remix Bucket


Unleash Your Flavor with the Ultimate Customizable Bucket!

Introducing the KFC Remix Bucket – your chance to create a personalized bucket of your KFC favorites. Whether you crave crispy strips, spicy wings, popcorn chicken or all of the above, Remix Bucket lets you craft the perfect meal.

Make it yours
With the Remix Bucket, you’re in control. Mix and match your KFC favorites, choosing from crispy strips, spicy wings, original drumsticks, popcorn chicken or fries. The possibilities are endless!

Why You’ll Love the Remix Bucket
Personalized: Tailor your bucket to your taste buds.
Variety: Endless combinations to satisfy every craving.
Convenient: Perfect for sharing or enjoying solo.

Ready to remix your meal? Head to your nearest KFC or order via Wolt to start customizing your very own Remix Bucket today.